Friday, July 20, 2012

We must become better. We must.

I could not agree more with Falkenberg. It’s part of being a Texan to take pride in the vast diversity of the lone star state. We’ve got so much to brag about, from the culture to the geography to the history. But we focus on just that. Most Texans have yet to look at the present state of Texas. The statistics Falkenberg uses are shocking. Our state is ranked so low on education funding, a fact that should alarm parents and students alike. We are also ranked second worst in the amount of people (by percentage) who are food-insecure (lack of availability of food and access to it), and it is mind-baffling to me how so many Texans leave such statistics, or knowledge of, out when boasting.

I am confident that we Texans are more capable than this. In our economic situation, we cannot afford the audacity to cling onto our past victories or rich diversity and ignore the problems at hand. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including our pride. If the Texan citizens do not swallow the pride of the victories of our fathers, then our children will have nothing to rejoice for when Texas continues to plummet in education funding and food insecurity. I have always been proud to have been born and raised in the lone star state, but at this rate I’m not sure I’m too proud.

Contrary to Falkenberg’s belief though, I don’t think Texans deserve these “pitiful rankings.” Yes, the rankings show that we have not done too much to improve our state or that the systems in place aren’t working, but I believe, optimistically, that Texans will hopefully pull through. Hopefully we are proud enough to want to uphold the glorified state so that we may continue being proud.

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